At A Tad Western Production Company we have a historic and future commitment to International, and National Convention Coordination and Entertainment, New Product Reveal Presentations, Themed Grand Opening Celebrations, Themed Anniversary Celebrations, Live Broadcast Event Entertainment, National and Regional Fund Raising and Charitable Organizations Entertainment, and Local to National School Assembly Educational Programs.

We specialize in the creation and exhibition of Medieval, Roman, Western, and Civil War Era productions, incorporating and corroborating with current technology, to portray a client's or committee's desired theme and message. On the creative and coordination side of a production, we can assist in

  • writing
  • script supervision
  • producing
  • directing
  • theatrical lighting design / rental
  • laser design / rental
  • pyrotechnic design - permits - / rental
  • video enhancement production / presentational equipment rental
  • special effects design / rental.

Whatever your needs may be, consultation, stuntwork, stunt coordination, colorful and specialized livestock rental, period wardrobe, or period prop rental (including concept, design and fabrication), A Tad Western Production Company would appreciate your serious consideration.

For more information please follow these links to download a full list of Credits and Letters of Recommendation, or visit our Photo Gallery and Video pages. Should you have additional questions regarding pricing or availability, please Contact Us directly.

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